Always Look at the Brightside..

bullshit , today I worked my ass off for some audition and got placed in the back of the back of the back may I remind you it’s volunteer piece. Last year, I get placed in 10 seconds of World of Dance pieces out of a while 6 minutes. Keep telling me to look at the brightside. What’s the brightside? At least I was in World of Dance? shit, i’d rather sit out than be in 10 seconds of it. What’s the brightside of this audition? I made it, tsk everyone makes it. Now I get to travel an hour away to be in a two minute dance acting like i’m the happiest person alive, in the back of the back of the back behind some tall black dude (noracial) you can’t even see me. If I got stabbed & fell to the floor no one would notice. Please fucking tell me the brightside, because honestly me telling myself “It’s okay, just practice some more” won’t cut shit for me.. fuck you all.